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Karen Schnurstein is a budding poet whose recent work has appeared in The Ibis Head Review, Bi Women Quarterly, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Halcyon Days, and Founder's Favourites. An early poem of hers has just been published in Rat's Ass Review. Karen holds a B.A. in Creative Writing with a minor in World Literature from Western Michigan University, where she studied with Nancy Eimers, Jaimy Gordon, and Mark Halliday. She owes much of her literary life to her high school Language Arts instructor, Louise Garcia Harrison; however, poet Mark Richardson was her first literature professor. Louise gave the key, and Mark opened the door. Karen enjoys living with her two favorite pussycats in South Bend, Indiana. She is forever grateful for her former partner and truest friend, Ross Robrahn, who is chiefly responsible for the preservation of the writing she did during college.